Today…I feel like typing. I love the feeling of my fingers going 100 miles a minute. The sound of the keyboard clicking as I type all of these random thoughts.

I am constantly making up “To Do” lists inside of my head and grabbing post it notes to jot everything down. I open up my phone and add action items into my reminder list. I set alarms to remind me of when to take my pills and when to go where.

Go. Go. Go.

The weeks seem to go by so fast..I realize that I need to start working on my goals; I need to start working on my dreams. Instead of having these things on paper and floating around inside of my head, I NEED TO GO AFTER THEM. The weekend is here once again and this weekend I have next to nothing planned. Thank God! I have a tendency of planning something for every hour of everyday and when I have NOTHING planned….I try to fill it up ASAP. (This has to do with my anxiety and needing to know what is happening and when, Lord help me). I am not exaggerating either, you can ask anyone who knows me. I like to stay busy. (mostly). aye. aye. aye.

Is there anyone else out there that does this? You have to have things planned, always? I cannot be the only one…

This weekend will be different. This weekend, no. No, thank you. I need time to be at home and to do housework, yard work, catch up on my shows, work on my blog, do some reading, take my dog for a walk, etc. I need to just enjoy myself and my home this weekend.

Not sure how this post went from random thoughts to the point of talking about being busy and needing to relax. BUT there you have it. That’s what it is.

Friday, I welcome you and I look forward to having a minimalist kind of weekend.

Okay, I MIGHT go on a cleaning spree, BUT that is quite alright. I will still be at home “relaxing” of course. Totally normal.

& on that note, I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Sending lots of love your way.

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on the outside, looking in.

she was young, yes.

but she had a heart that was aged beyond her years. one that had always been torn apart, year after year. & a heart that she somehow had torn apart herself..but that same heart had continued to stay intact and grow despite it all.


she hits the snooze button 6 times every morning before finally getting out of bed. some days it’s 7 or 8 times. who really knows anymore. but somehow, some way, she drags herself out of bed.

she gets up, goes to the restroom, gets dressed, kisses her husband goodbye, and heads for the front door.

she walks down the pathway and reaches the her vehicle. she starts her car and exits the driveway. she listens to music but doesn’t sing anymore. she pulls into work and sits in the car for a couple minutes. she doesn’t want to move.

she walks through the doors and goes straight for her desk. she turns on the computer and checks her phone. nothing. she stares out the window in front of her.

she doesn’t want to talk or move. someone comes by and asks how she is doing, and she loses her composure. tears everywhere. they were not expecting this kind of response. she was not expecting that they would care.

she wipes her face and blows her nose. & she says, “I will be just fine.”

on the outside, she seems great, most days.

looking in, you can see the pain in her eyes. but you can also see the determination to finish the fight that goes on inside of her mind.

So…to everyone that is struggling with some type of battle, just know that you are NOT alone and that you can WIN.

Sending lots of love your way.

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Hey ladies! Here is my version of an eyebrow tutorial! Enjoy!

First things first, make sure your face is clean from any and all makeup!

1. I get my eyebrows threaded at SD Threading Studio off of El Norte Parkway!

Pal is absolutely amazing and she has been doing my eyebrows forever!


Let her know that Dani from Makeup by Danilee sent you & you’ll get your first eyebrow threading for ONLY $7! What a deal!



2. I use a mascara spool from Morphe Cosmetics to brush my eyebrow hairs in the same direction.

*Bold brow – I will use mascara primer and brush it through my eyebrows before applying any product.*


3. Then I will use my MAC 263 small angle brush and dip it into the dipbrow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills. (Make sure you wipe any excess off before applying)


4. Then I will outline the bottom of my eyebrow starting from the arch outwards. Then I will go back to the beginning of my eyebrow and outline that.


*Bold brow – I will also outline the top part of the eyebrow.*

5. Making sure that the lower part of your eyebrow is outlined, feather the product up into the rest of your brow.


6. Then I will take a concealer brush & concealer and outline the lower part of my brow to make it look clean!


*Bold brow – I will use a very light colored concealer & conceal the top part of my brow as well.*

7. After I have outlined the lower part I will take the concealer and make sure to blend it out so I don’t have any harsh lines.


8. Then I will use a brow set and brush it through my eyebrow hairs.


9. Afterwards, I finish my makeup!


10. Finally, spray some Fix + all over & I am ready for the day!

Thanks for reading!

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Best Beauty Brushes

Hey everyone!

So I have recently fallen in love with Mikasa Beauty Brushes! They are seriously EVERYTHING!

They are very soft and help make the blending process easy! Mikasa beauty brushes are seriously great quality brushes for such an affordable price! Please go and check them out!

I have included some Pro Artist reviews below, be sure to give them a read!

Here are a few of the products that they have on their website.



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I know that personally I have struggled forever to find the PERFECT beauty blender…until Mikasa Beauty sent me a beauty blender that was the Holy Grail! It is literally THE BEST beauty blender I have ever used! You NEED this in your life. 


There is so much more to see! Go ahead and click the link below and check them out!



Pro Artist Reviews

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“I used all of the Mikasa Beauty Brush set to achieve my makeup look today! They’re so amazing and luxurious! If you’re looking to buy great quality brushes, you should definitely check out these ones”@beautybyhaneenxx


Thanks for reading! Let me know how you like these brushes!

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Okay, so let’s be honest…I mostly drink chai tea lattes & the occasional creamer with a little coffee. Almost always, actually. But here is a little review I did on some local coffee places anyway!


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

While this isn’t my favorite coffee shop, it is very convenient when I am on the go and running out of time.

Drinks of choice:

Royal English breakfast tea latte, 2 pumps classic, & 4 sugar

Iced Chai tea latte

Iced black tea, sweetened, & a light splash of whole milk

Caramel Brulee latte (Seasonal)

*I used to love the PSL…But once the recipe changed I was no longer a fan.*

Coffee Bean


Arielle Vey Photography

This place is pretty darn tasty. They add their vanilla powder to quite a few of the drinks and it’s perfect! & Of course, my choice of caffeine the morning of my wedding was from here.

Drinks of choice:

Black tea latte

Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Chai Tea latte (Seasonal)

Banana Dang

FullSizeRender (11)

This cute little coffee shop is located in downtown Oceanside, CA and their drinks are to die for! I absolutely love this place. The only PERFECT chai tea I’ve ever had. & Their smoothies are AMAZING as well.

Drink of choice:

Chai Tea Latte

Nutty Dang—peanut butter, banana, chocolate (smoothie)

Better Buzz


This cute little drive thru shack is located in San Marcos, CA. I don’t go very often, I haven’t found a drink that I really like there. It is either too much of a coffee taste, or it is way too sweet for me. But, a lot of people seem to really like it…beats me.

Drink of choice:

Caramel Buzz (blended)

Iced Caramel Latte

Chai Tea Latte (Hot & Iced)



This place is such a “chill” spot. I am always relaxed when I go in and enjoy a latte.

FUN FACT: You can now add CBD Oil to any drink!

Drink of choice:

Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

Perks Coffee House

I absolutely love this little coffee shop. If I ever owned a coffee shop it would be like this place. They also have food & alcoholic beverages and open mic nights!


Drink of Choice:

Chai Tea Latte (shocker, I know)

Milk & Honey


This place is phenomenal. Everything they have is perfect. BUT it’s a drive to get there. Milk & Honey is located up in Costa Mesa. But it’s worth it.

Drink of choice:

Chai Tea Latte Blended

–& an acai bowl–

Fallbrook Coffee Co.


This cute little coffee shop is right down the street from my house and it is a new FAVORITE! Everyone is always super sweet and their food and drinks are always fantastic. They are open for breakfast & lunch!

Drink of choice:

Iced Vanilla Chai Tea

Caramel Blended



At home I use Tetley Black Tea and add a little bit of sugar and milk —it’s good to go!

I also love the Teavana Royal English Breakfast Black Tea. This one is a loose leaf tea so make sure that you have a tea infuser!

Lately I have also been having different types of organic black teas from the local farmer’s market!

For coffee at home I either use my espresso machine or my coffee pot.

I’ll use either peppermint mocha creamer or french vanilla creamer with some added cinnamon.

I used to own a Keurig, but I never used it. I wasn’t a fan of it. The convenience of being able to make your own caffeinated beverage in your home is the best. Practice makes perfect!

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Be your own kind of beautiful.

You either feel the need to have a shorter torso or longer legs..thicker hair or smaller feet..you may feel that you need to eat more or that you need to lose weight. Whatever it may be, just stop.

Seriously, stop.

Do you really want to waste your life *yes, I said WASTE* wishing that you looked like someone else?

I don’t care how you look  or how you think you should look, or, well..how you think I should or shouldn’t look.

I care about how you make others feel when they are around you. I care about how you treat other people.

Do you love on them? Do you share your confidence with them in hopes that they too will pick up on it? Do you genuinely compliment strangers? Do you admire other people for their beauty? Try it sometime.

You can totally do this.

Be confident in who YOU are as a person, inside & out. When you can get to this place and stop trying to be someone else’s definition of “beautiful” and become your own, your life will improve tremendously. *pinky promise*

“The best gift you are ever going to give someone —- the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like they are enough.” -Hannah Brencher

I believe that life will be so much more bearable if we all would just come to realize this and actually act on it. If we could all just be “beautiful” to one another.

Don’t read a quote, fall in love with it for 2 seconds, *maybe you will even screenshot it & tell yourself you will go back to it later* then continue to swipe up on your cell phone. NO. Really meditate on it. You can do this. There are a lot of good little nuggets out there for you and I really hope that some of them change your life for longer than 2 seconds. They can help you if you allow them to. Just like your friends & family. The people that love you are so willing to help you, but you need to let them.

A long time ago, I met someone. She was so different from anyone I had met before, really, she was so intriguing. There truly is no one like her. She was so confident and full of life. She was crazy & free. She made me feel so great about myself, and she still does, years later. She continues to encourage me and love on me. I have yet to meet anyone else like her. She has shown me what it is to be confident in yourself and to have such freedom in Christ. To this day, I still admire her for all that she is. She is her own kind of beautiful. & to me, that is something that I find so admirable and absolutely amazing.

That is something that I strive for every single day. Yes, I fail and fall A LOT, but that does NOT mean that I am about to give up. & I hope you don’t give up either.


Friends, with all of that being said, be your OWN kind of beautiful.


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He still loves me.

This past weekend had shown me a lot…I realized that I need to refocus my life *again* on the things and people that truly matter. I had literally been wasting my time and breath for things that meant nothing.
Someone once said to me, “brokenness is only for a moment, then you realize the mighty God you serve.” this honestly could not be anymore true & sadly I had forgotten this. it happens. life happens.
Being broken is only ||temporary||. this gives me faith in the present & in the future. 

I guess I had just gotten so lost in the dark that I thought that was who I was. I made some mistakes, but that does not change my name. I am still a child of God.


My willingness to be intimate with my own deep feelings creates the space for intimacy with another.

I am now realizing that it is SO imperative to spend time alone. Get to know yourself. Take care of yourself. Love yourself.


It is especially important that you forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for all those decisions you made when you were upset and hurting. Forgive yourself for not liking the way that you look. Forgive yourself for lashing out at people who did not deserve that.

**they’ll forgive you**

Forgive yourself because He forgives you.


He has the ability to foresee and He still loves me. He still loves you. 

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